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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

UK internet banking

UK internet banking 

What is internet banking?

Many, if not most, banking transactions can and do take place on the internet.

Most major banks provide an internet banking service and there are also some internet only banking companies who offer all their services online and do not have high street branches. Some of these companies provide a range of accounts to choose from, some specialise in just one.

Many of these are listed at the bottom of this page.
Why have an internet account?


    Accessibility – Internet and internet accounts are usually accessible 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
    Ease and convenience – Those who find it difficult to get to a branch within working hours and those who travel frequently will find internet banking a practical alternative.
    Value – Internet only banking services often offer best value as they have less running costs.


Please note that with internet accounts, however secure your password and other details are, you need to be vigilant about scams such as phishing, where fraudsters pose as your bank, often by email and encourage you to give them crucial details of your account. It is always worth checking with the provider to see what measures are in place to reduce the possibilities of this happening.
Banks will never usually ask you to confirm any confidential details via an email so you should be suspicious if you receive such an email. There are some examples of this type of email here.
Choosing an internet account

Security is an important issue for internet accounts. Internet banking can be highly secure but you need to be aware of safety precautions to take.
Always take the time to read the small print too – it takes a few minutes, but it should help you understand the service.

Types of internet bank accounts and services include:

    Current Accounts – All the conveniences of a regular current account, including credit and debit cards, cheque books and regular statements
    Current Accounts – with specific benefits (for instance, roadside recovery) and a small monthly fee to pay
    All in one and off-set accounts
    Student accounts
    Loan approval
    Savings Accounts – Favourable interest rates because the overheads are reduced.
    Savings Accounts – Including those with tiered rates depending on the savings amount
    ISAs and mini-ISAs
    Share Trading
    Ethical Investments
    Insurance Services
    Business Bank Accounts

Internet banking links


ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ Internet Banking - it's easy, simple, convenient... 

Manage your accounts
View your balance and transaction history.

Transfer funds
Transfer money between your accounts.

One off payments

Make one off payments to any other bank account in New Zealand.

Pay bills
Pay bills to over 2,000 registered ANZ billers. You can also save family and friends as a self selected bill payment so you don’t need to remember their account numbers.

ANZ employs a range of security measures to help protect your personal account information. You can also choose to register for OnlineCode which sends a TXT message with a special code to your mobile phone as two-factor authentication.

ANZ will not hold you liable for any unauthorised transactions provided you have complied with the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use.

Access globally
Access to all accounts linked to Internet Banking 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

Bank Mail
Secure email service within Internet Banking that allows you to send account details and enquiries in a confidential manner.

Help is at hand 24/7
Call 0800 269 296 anytime to speak to a Customer Service Consultant who's always happy to help.

Features and benefits ANZ Internet banking

Access your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world.

 Many online tools:
You can check your account balances online, change your contact details, pay your BPAY bills, transfer money overseas and much more.

Cost efficient:
ANZ Internet Banking is one of the cheapest banking options available.
ANZ guaranteed:

ANZ guarantees that you will be reimbursed for any unauthorised transactions, in the unlikely event that you are a victim of fraud.

ANZ Internet Banking updates

January 2013

We continue to make improvements to ANZ Internet Banking that can help make your banking easier.

Improved registration – Internet Banking now includes the ability to opt into the following services at time of registration: get instant Pay Anyone access, get instant International Services and register for Online Statements.
 Improved transaction view for deposit accounts- We have improved the transaction history view for deposit accounts to provide transaction history on the one tab.
Enhanced the look and feel of Internet Banking across multiple mobile devices such as iPhone and Windows phones.

To ensure you can experience this new look and feel, you may need to clear the cache on your mobile device. For more information, visit our FAQ page. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Online Banking

Online Banking

The performance of the banking activities over the Internet. Online banking is also known as "Internet banking" or "banking Web." A good online bank offers customers just about every service traditionally available through a local branch, including accepting deposits (which is done online or by mail), the payment of interest on savings and providing an online bill payment system.

Investopedia Says

Investopedia explains 'Online Banking'Online banks can not directly access ATM, but they make provisions for consumers to use with other banks and shops, ATMs and they can reimburse consumers for all related fees. Because of the lower overhead costs associated with not having physical branches, online banks tend to offer significant savings to the consumer and pay a higher interest rate. 

Online Banking: lower costs and Little Sacrifice
Besides being a great place to waste hours upon hours of time, the Internet is a great source of cheap music, cheap movies and cheap banking. Internet banks offer more for less to people who are brave enough to enter. Comfort of a brick and mortar establishment in their neighborhood In this article we will look at whether an online bank is the best choice for you and why.
Low to No CostInternet banks offer some of the lowest rates in the banking system. This can be done because the online banks are not the same level of costs as the traditional banks. If you bank with a nationwide brick and mortar bank to pay for the cost of staff across the country, advertising and handling your costs.
With internet banking, most of that overhead is non-existent or paid with different income, thereby reducing the fees.
Automated SavingBecause Internet accounts often cost you nothing in fees, open as many accounts as you need. While this may sound eccentric, it is a powerful tool for personal finance. You can set up a savings account for a car, your future and your retirement home, automatically allocating the percentage you want to merge. Splitting your savings based on financial targets and the ability to progress simply mark is more satisfying, and can increase your motivation to stick to your financial plan. With a traditional bank you usually lose money opening of additional accounts because each has fees, minimum balance and so on. This forces you to group your savings and try to mentally tally how much is allocated to each goal - not as simple or as satisfying.

Higher interest rates and lower HypothekarlogeApart from fees, reduced cost of Internet banks also allow them to pay off a better interest rate. While most traditional banks offer less than half a percent to a designated savings account, online banks offer significantly more savings and pay what to start. Interest in a regular bank account On the other hand, Internet banks also tend to have lower interest rates on small loans and are steadily expanding credit vehicles they offer. You can use a credit card, line of credit, car loan and even get through your Internet bank at decent prices, if your credit rating mortgage is solid. (Have a lot of debt? Read Consolidation Made Easy to help you get out of debt faster.)
Quick accessOne of the biggest attractions of online banks is the level of online accessibility. Many traditional banks underestimated the demand for online services, but now almost every bank has some form of online banking. Internet banks, by their nature, have above average online services. You can balance your daily, hourly, or every minute should check you choose. You can set up online bill payments, apply for loans, buy fixed-term investments and dealing with transfers between accounts. Simply put, you can get everything you would do at a bank branch from the comfort of your own home to do normally.
DisadvantagesBefore we get too excited about internet banking, there are a few disadvantages, which should not be ignored. The most common complaint about Internet banking is that making a deposit can slow. If you are not on a payroll direct deposit, chances are you will have to mail your checks or use an ATM. This means that your money will take the time to make it in your accounts, and even then they are subject to a hold. In general, wait a week or two is not the end of the world - provided you do not live paycheck to paycheck. There are other ways to get around this problem, such as opening an account with another bank just before the transfer of deposits, but it remains a problem for many people accustomed to having immediate access to their paychecks.
Another disadvantage is that you can not walk in for a face to face meeting with a loan officer. Although the loan process is highly automated with traditional banks as well, your personal relationship with the loan officer make a difference. With internet banking, your credit is either good enough or it is not - there is no account of a beautiful smile. (Read perspective Lending From A Loan Officer's to learn how a loan officer thinks.)

ConclusionIt takes time for people to get comfortable with new innovations and this is the case held for internet banking. These banks offer a mix that makes them very attractive for those looking to save on costs, but also have more money for those who want. Whereas the lack of a physical location and face-to-face staff would disable the older generations, the younger, tech-savvy generation benefit directly from banks that do not cost the overhead that traditional banks have entails. Young or old, if you can reconcile the disadvantages yourself an online bank is a great way to sock away money and handle your daily banking needs.

internet banking

internet banking

A system that allows individuals to perform at home via the Internet. Banking activities Some online banks are traditional banks also offer online banking, while others are online only and have no physical presence. Online banking through traditional banks, customers all routine transactions, such as transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments, and stop payment requests to perform, and some even offer online loan and credit card applications. Account information can be accessed at any time, day or night, and can be done from anywhere. A few online banks update information in real-time, while others do every day. Once data has been entered, it is not necessary to be introduced to similar controls, and future payments can be scheduled to occur automatically. Again Many banks provide file transfer between their programs and popular accounting software, to simplify. Custody Despite the advantages, there are some drawbacks. It does take some time to set up and get used to an online account. Also, some banks offer online banking only in a limited area. Additionally, when an account holder pays online, he / she may have as much as two weeks in a control request before payment is due, but the bank can take the money from the record the day received, which means that the person lost to two weeks of interest on those payments. Online-only banks have a few additional drawbacks: an account holder has to mail in deposits (excluding direct deposits), and a number of services that traditional banks offer are difficult or impossible for online-only banks to offer, such as checks and cashier traveler's checks.

HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC Internet Banking

HSBC Bank Bangladesh

This is our online banking services, managing your finances pleased to let you meet the most need your banking online.

Now, you can put your account control, whether at home or abroad.

Forget about parking or queuing. You can access your account at any time, anywhere in the world!

    Access to your account 24/7 (during planned maintenance).
    View your balances and transactions
    Transfers between qualifying HSBC account.
    Online bill payment - make life easier. Pay bills online
    Create, view, modify, and cancel the order standing
    Applications for different product lines.
    Update your e-mail address, contact phone numbers and other personal information
    Foreign exchange - the implementation of the foreign exchange query
    Electronic junction - to view, print and download your monthly statements, keep track of your transactions.
    Of the total banking portfolio, net Account Summary - view / update your profile / account.
    Deposits - place the new time deposits, checking, or update your personal information and account.

For details, feel free to contact:

    Call (+88) 01190000402

aib internet banking

AIB Internet Banking

AIB Logo 

  AIB Internet Banking

AIB Internet Banking to provide you with quick and easy access to a range of banking services and products. Whenever it suits you to access your account, check balances, pay bills, transfer, and so on. To register, call us now 0818724020.

If you are currently using AIB Mobile Banking, your registration number and PAC can also be used to access online banking. To order the new PAC, please call 0818724724.
AIB Internet Banking How It Works

AIB Internet Banking the Login / internetbanking. The system will prompt you to enter your security code, registration number, three random numbers from your personal access code (PAC) and other security issues. AIB AIB code from the code card will never ask for login.

Please note that all operating system / browser can not guarantee the availability of AIB online banking. For a list of compatible operating system / browser, please see our system settings.
Services provided

    Check your account balance (branch to open a bank account, credit card, mortgage, AIB Financial Leasing, Ark Life)
    View recent transactions in your account,
    View your available funds
    View pending transactions on your debit card,
    View your Bank Identifier Code (BIC) and recent transactions online part of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
    Pay bills
    Remittances to third party accounts in the Republic of Ireland
    The balance of payments of the foreign remittances
    AIB to transfer funds between accounts
    Set, modify or cancel a standing order online
    To buy euros domestic demand draft online
    Top up online text or supplement the registration
    Change your personal access code (PAC) Online
    A range of products, including credit cards, loans and savings accounts to access
    Registered e-Statement - received your bank account and credit card statements online
    The registered as eFee some suggestions - fee proposal for your online account.
    Use our various credit cards online services (for a copy of the voucher, the limit is increased)
    Buy online sale of shares. For more information, please visit our online share trading Help Site

AIB Internet Banking For more information on any available services, please visit our online banking online demo or our help and information site
AIB Mobile Banking

AIB Mobile Banking registered the AIB telephone and online banking customers a simple, convenient way to access their smartphones the most popular AIB Internet banking services.

Customers can access AIB Mobile Banking through their mobile phone's Web browser or by using our Andr oid or Apple App.

AIB Mobile Banking For more information, please click here.

Please note that sometimes fraudulent e-mail circulated, it seems from the AIB. Please remember AIB never asked customers through e-mail and will never ask for a code from the code card to log into their online banking login details or personal access code (PAC)

How to use the AIB Online Banking Security For more information, please visit our Security Center.

AIB online banking customers can access their account at any time by phone, call 0818724724 or +353 17712424 (from outside the Republic of Ireland) AIB telephone banking. This will help ensure that you should have no access to the Internet, you can always access our banking services.

Please note that does not apply to short cycle is usually 03 am (Irish Standard Time) from Monday to Friday AIB online banking. In such a case, if technical problems occur, customers are directed to the telephone channel, these contact numbers highlighted.

Note: To learn more about AIB code card, please click here
The wording of the regulation

Lending standards and terms and conditions apply. Credit facilities subject to repayment capacity and financial status and are not available to persons under 18 years of age. Interest DIRT at the prevailing rate (For more information, please visit at
Fees and Charges

Please refer to our personal accounts 'or' international trading fee of any AIB branch or of the further details of the application fee Schedule fees and charges booklets'A Guide.
Legal Notices

Some of the above links to an external site. You use an external site is the site's Terms of Use.

Terms and conditions apply.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Absa Home Loans

Absa Home Loans

Absa Home Loans : Do you want to build your dream home recently? Do you need financial and technical help to build your home? If the answers of the questions are “YES” then Absa can help you by giving almost all solution for building your dream home. Absa offers their clients a flexible feature, Absa home loan. Absa offers the best mortgage and home loan in South Africa. Their Home loan package provides many conveniences than the other banks package including Absa Home Loan, Traditional Home Loan, Building Loan, First Time Home Loan, Pension Backed House Loan, etc.
About MyHome Loan
You can fulfill your dream of building a home by taking an Absa home loan. If you earn up to R15498 per month then you can access your home loan. You can take maximum R 500 000 as your Home Loan.

 Benefits of MyHome loan:
  • Repayment terms will be up to 30 years.
  • You can fix your interest rate considering the duration.
  • No need of Deposit if you qualify for a loan.
  • Get 100% loan covers of the full price of your property.
  • You will be given free training about Home Loan Management.

What you need to qualify:
  • Should be a South African citizen with the proper identification card.
  • Should submit your regular income list.
  • You should earn minimum R15489 per month.
  • Your employment age should be 12 months old.

Absa Traditional Home Loan
As an Absa account holder you can get up to 100% of your purchasing price from Absa Home Loan. Just fix your interest rates while applying for a home loan. You can bond greater property than the loan amount as a result you can apply to increase your loan amount anytime without any extra cost. You can also apply for the extra amount if your property value increases at least R 100 000.
  • Should be an African Citizen with identification Card.
  • Minimum monthly income should be R 7500 per month.
  • The maximum loan period is 30 years as a result you have to pay it within this period.
  • You can apply only for purchasing your residential properties not for anything others.

Absa Building Loan
Absa offers their clients Absa building loans while the clients building is under construction. Clients have to take this loan step by step corresponding construction working progress. The benefit of Absa Building Loan is that you will only have to pay after completing your house building. You can have your first payment after your building foundation has been laid. While the work progress will be in window height then you can take your second payment. The third payment can be taken while your building height raises at roof height. You can get your last payment while the work is fully completed.
One major precondition of Absa Building Loan is that your hired builder should have registered with the NHBRC.

Absa First Time Home Loan
If you want to buy a property you will get help from Absa. Absa will provide you first time home loan. You can take a good decision while buying your property with the help of Absa Home Management Expert.

Absa Pension Backed House Loan
You can build your home with your pension or provident fund. Absa gives you an opportunity to take a loan against your provident fund or pension.
For more information about Absa Home Loan you can either visit a nearest local bank or call at: 0860 111 007.